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Our practitioners host events and run programs related to the restorative practices of self healing for kids and adults.
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Bring your potential to life

Choosing a career course?

Needing career development?

Are you looking for a mid-life career change?

Find the right support to help you feel more confident managing conflict and make better decisions at school, at home, at work and in life!

More than ever we are seeing highest levels of obesity in children and adults, lifestyle diseases, depression, lack of purpose, low self-esteem, conflict, low confidence levels, need for instant gratification, peer pressure, poor decision making, lack of flexibility and bullying being at the top of the awareness issues.

Improve confidence, performance and energy

Develop your leadership capacity and improve your confidence, performance and energy!

The CARDIAC R approach is based on 8 key leadership concepts evolved from psychological, emotional & energy theory. Providing leadership support in problem solving, decision making and communication.

♡ Initiates an integrated way of thinking
♡ Facilitates the most authentic methods of becoming self-actualised
♡ Provides a reliable foundation for future growth and development

Your CARDIAC R Coach can help you and your child develop future leaders through stages of their life and careers in order to meet the demands of change and growth in a global environment.

Our Practitioners


Erit David

Intuitive Leadership Consultant

As an Intuitive Leadership Consultant Erit offers a variety of services including career advise, career development, executive career coaching, interview coaching, psychometric testing as well as Emotional Intelligence and Personality MBTI workshops for individuals and teams. Contact Erit on 0411 888 336 or erit@www.intuitiveleadershipacademy.com.au