Welcome to Cardiac R Network

Our practitioners host events and run programs related to the restorative practices of self healing for kids and adults.
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Monday - Friday 09:00AM - 17:00PM
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Imagine no limitations™

Our purpose

To help others develop a deeper awareness of themselves and others and provide integrated, inspired and intuitive experiential learning.

What we deeply care about

1. Helping others develop a state of mind that validates their right to be an individual.
2. Supporting others to become inner directed and self-mastering.
3. Inspiring others to advocate for their own wellness by making mindful decisions and creating positive habits in all areas of their life.


Erit David is an Intuitive Leadership Consultant who helps people integrate intellect and insight in order to make decisions in line with their values. Founder of CARDIAC R™ Coaching has spent her life developing methods and strategies to support others to Connect, become more Aware, develop Resilience, embrace Diversity, trust Intuition and Align themselves with Compassion.

Her first experience of working with others began in the health and wellness industry. Subsequently, a two-decade career in Real Estate as a sales rep and Licensee reinforced her passion for connecting with others.

As a result, Erit has spent a lifetime being an unintentional networker, being the ‘’go-to’’ person sharing and connecting her diverse contact base with like-minded people and professionals, who hold the same purpose and values, or with those that could help others achieve their goals.

Since completing her formal leadership training with a Master of Business Leadership (CGSB), she turned her attention to sharing her unique formula and contagious energy with others. Hence the birth of CARDIAC-R™  – a community, a program, an online network and a train the trainer coaching model.

‘’Finding the right practitioners who understand individual preferences and then support you to grow and develop your blind spots is critical to your success’’ Erit says and the CARDIAC R Network has been designed to do just that. A one-stop platform to find Intuitive leadership experts.

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