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Our practitioners host events and run programs related to the restorative practices of self healing for kids and adults.
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A conversation towards next steps

Need to step back, refocus and uncover the real problem in your relationship?

Your CARDIAC R coach who will help you recognise manage and communicate your thoughts and feelings without the negative emotional charge.

Uncover the underlying issues so you can understand your triggers and your unhelpful behaviours when issues of trust, or values are being challenged.

Simply becoming aware of how and why people respond in different ways to conflict and what happens to our personality under stress is most effective when trying to resolve issues and move forward.

The CARDIAC R approach is based on 8 key leadership concepts evolved from psychological, emotional & energy theory. Providing leadership support in problem solving, decision making and communication in all relationships.

♡ Initiates an integrated way of thinking that few people can achieve on their own
♡ Facilitates the most authentic methods of participant engagement
♡ Provides a reliable foundation for future growth and development

Whether you have a business, workplace or personal dispute, your CARDIAC R Coach can help you understand yourself and your needs providing insight in the most effective approach to a successful outcome. Relationship coaching can be done one on one, couples, teams or as a combination.

Our Practitioners


Erit David

Intuitive Leadership Consultant and Professional Mediator

As a Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence practitioner and a Masters Degree in Leadership, Erit specialises in facilitating effective, honest and transparent communication between individuals who experience conflict in their relationship. Erit helps people whose personal communication style and/or values differ from, and have a negative impact on, their relationships whether at work or at home. Erit specialises in: workplace, property settlement, succession planning and ongoing relationship disputes. Contact Erit on 0411 888 336 or email erit@www.intuitiveleadershipacademy.com.au.