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Our practitioners host events and run programs related to the restorative practices of self healing for kids and adults.
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Bring yourself and your team back to life !

Missed out on formal education?

Need leadership development for your role?

Staff causing you stress?

Is being a boss zapping your energy?

Feeling stuck in a rut don’t know how to move forward?

Lead with heart…

Lead with heart and bring your team back to life through inspired vision. Help them develop their leadership capacity and improve their confidence, performance and energy!

From vision to application The CARDIAC R approach is based on 8 key leadership concepts evolved from psychological, emotional & energy theory. Providing strategic leadership support in problem solving, decision making and communication for CEO’s and Executive leaders.

♡ Initiates an integrated way of thinking that few people can achieve on their own
♡ Facilitates the most authentic methods of stakeholder engagement
♡ Provides a reliable foundation for future growth and development

This coaching approach has been developed specifically for executive leadership in ‘’flat’’ rather than hierarchical organisational structures where there are fewer levels of management. The promotion of increased responsibility, flexibility, innovation, improved communication and creation of an environment that inspires others to perform makes leadership the number one talent issue facing companies today.

Your CARDIAC R Coach can help you create leverage opportunities by developing the leadership capacity of you and your team. This in turn will increase the energy and improve confidence and performance of your company.

Our Practitioners


Erit David

Intuitive Leadership Consultant

Erit specialises in developing CEO's and executive leaders in high performance business cultures where 'people are their business'. Erit uses the CARDIAC R coaching method to improve performance and energy, in the areas of problem solving, decision making and communication in a way that inspires others to perform.